24-red-roses_largeRoses are one of the most popular flowers to send. Roses are one of the most timeless symbols of love and appreciation. There are different color rose and each color has its own meaning behind it. Before you send a bouquet of roses it helps to know what each color stands for. This comprehensive guide to roses will help you better understand each color of rose and what it means.

Red Roses

Red roses have long been a symbol of love and romance. A bouquet of red roses is the ultimate gift of love on Valentine’s Day. They are also perfect for showing love and admiration on anniversaries and they can play a critical role in a proposal. If you are looking to send a romantic gift just for the heck of it you can’t beat a bouquet of red roses.

It’s fairly well-established that red roses have become a significant symbol of love and beauty in Western art and literature. Poets have penned poems using the red rose symbolically. Red roses have played an important role in books like Alice in Wonderland. Red roses pop up frequently in paintings and films and other forms of media.

Symbolically red roses began there history with the ancient Greeks and Romans because they were tied to aphrodite and Venus the goddess of love. In the early years of Christianity red roses became a symbol of the virtue of the Virgin Mary. Throughout its history it has long been the ultimate symbol of love and passionate affection. Read More →

Coltsfoot KK

Coltsfoot KKDuring the spring season, Dandelion flowers start growing across roadsides as well as yards where some Coltsfoot flowers can also be found within the dandelions. Both these species are known as healing agents across both the Eastern and Western parts of the world for a long time. However, having knowledge of the difference between the two can help you enhance your inventory of home herbal medicines. Coltsfoot offers a safe, effective and natural treatment for all types of coughs. Read More →

flower celebrations

flower celebrationsToday, many cultures, traditions as well as religious celebrations have been recognized worldwide, which make it difficult to find the perfect gift for a particular event. The discovery of internet, television, air travel and other technology miracles has given a chance to several cultures to be exposed to others prevailing on the earth. Along with this, easy travel options have allowed for the immigration of people from different religions, races, traditions and upbringings come together at a single place. With several cultures present at a place, there has been a rise of many occasions that are celebrated in the world, offering more chances to send and receive gifts. A major deterrent to buying a gift for a person is the need to stand in long waiting lines, where the lack of knowledge of the recipient’s culture and choice is another one. Read More →


funeral1Apt choice of Flowers for Funeral

Funeral flowers have to be carefully chosen. Traditionally roses and carnations have always been the first choice when it comes to paying last respects to the dead. White roses symbolize peace and prosperity; they are appropriate in such a situation since white sooths the mood and offer some peace to the grieving mind. Carnations are traditionally called the ‘flower of God’ and their different colors symbolize different emotions. For instance white carnations brought for a funeral symbolize purity whereas pink carnations act as an offering of gratitude. Read More →


flower designsThe flowers

The flowers are one of the biggest gifts of nature. These are also the ultimate source of joy to every human being. There are many beautiful, scented and brightly colored flowers available in various countries of the world. The flowers are cherishing able in all the occasion and celebration of life. There are a number of famous florists in different parts of India who deliver flowers in different parts of India as well as the whole globe. There are different types of scented and fragrant flowers available in India. There are seasonal as well as annual flowers delivered by the florist organizations. These florist organizations have their branches in different parts of India as well as the whole globe. The home interiors are also beautifully decorated with flowers and contribute to the interior decoration of the households.

The availability

The flowers can be availed in online as well in off line mode. There are many florist shop outlets in almost all the cities of India. The customers can go to the shops and buy the different types of flower arrangements from them at very reasonable prices. The flowers are also available in online mode via the official web site of the florist company over the web. The order can be placed online and online payment can be made with the help of the credit cards. Convenient currency exchange facilities are also available from these famous florists in India. Read More →


91104LzWhat is common to new beginnings, love, unions, celebrations and reverence? What symbolizes life, spring, vibrancy and fragrance? Yes it is FLOWERS, Gods master stroke on the canvas of nature.

Whether it is the first expression of love or the final adieu to a loved one, flowers always speak a universal language- a language of respect, adoration and oneness. A single flower or a bouquet can express love, remembrance, apology, or a thoughtful gesture. Though specific meanings and traditions may change, flowers continue to be an integral part of human beings and their special occasions. Not only do flowers trigger positive emotions it is also THE preferred gifting choice, today. For most of us, flowers were the first introduction to nature’s beauty and our first understanding of color and attraction. It is this connection that makes us reach out to ‘that’ special bouquet of flowers to express our undying love to ‘the’ special one? Why do we believe in ‘saying it best’ with flowers? Are there any specific reasons? Read on to know more…. Read More →


4310Flowers are mostly arranged in bunches and bouquets of various types and color combinations for gifting on special events and occasions. Other than these many types of flower designing techniques are applied to arrange beautifully designed flowers. Flower designing is a special type of art practiced all over the world. Certain tools are the pre-requisites of any type of flower designing or arrangement. The tools are waterproof tapes, wires, flower vases, containers, glue, scissors, pins, floral foams, etc. Flower garlands are one of the most widely used and gifted flower designs of the world. The following are the steps to design floral garlands:

  • The flower heads should be first cut at the bases of the calyx.
  • A long length thread should be chosen for knotting. Then the floral needle should be threaded.
  • The flower heads should then be divided into half. Then the needle should be inserted through the flowers one by one, from the head part of the stem.
  • The needle should be inserted through the flower stem throughout the flower heads.
  • The flowers should be compressed on the thread. Then, the garland should be tied into a circular form with 4 knots.

After following the steps mentioned above, the garland can be also decorated with additional accessories like colorful ribbons for adding beautification.


New Year comes with great pleasure and excitements with new venture and great plans ahead. Every individual wishes to forget every bad and undesirable action of previous year and welcomes New Year with a positive thought. Many people make up their mind for New Year resolution. They wish to mend their bad habits and transform it into good habit in the New Year.  Celebration of New Year with family and friends make an individual happy and excited. Some people throw New Year’s party with a grand music, food and drinks. Read More →


Today, people are thinking about something different with fashion. If we go back to the time of early man, people used leaves to hide their shame. The first two couple in the Earth, Adam and Eve used the leaves to make clothes. But, as the evolution took place, there were better ideas to cover body parts. Even today, people residing in seaside pick up the shells and makes ornaments out of it. Today, flowers are used in many places to authenticate the modern fashion. While decorating house for a wedding occasion or a birthday party, flowers are exclusively used. Read More →


Fresh flowers available in garden and market make an individual cheerful. Any person with a pissed off mood would definitely get rejuvenate with a view of fresh flowers. A patient is visited with fresh flowers in hospital and his home. It ensures speedy recovery of a patient. Within a hospital ward, flowers brighten the environment and make the patient cheerful.  A patient who has been recently admitted to hospital may not be discharged instantly. But, a view of fresh flower will definitely make some difference with regard to his recovery state. Read More →